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Red Bulls’ Jesse Marsch says he prefers Jon Bon Jovi to Bruce Springsteen

Who will be the first big name act to play in Red Bulls Arena?
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Jesse Marsch might have a future as a booking agent, the New York Red Bulls head coach showing some chops in discussing a dream concert scenario.

On Monday it was announced that Red Bull Arena would start pursuing acts as a concert venue, the stadium’s lone foray into music being a singular Dispatch concert several years ago. So why not ask Marsch — who obviously spent some time at Princeton in the ’90s kicking a hacky sack, wearing sandals and a tie-dye while listening to a Dave Matthews Band mixtape in the quad — who he would book for a concert at Red Bull Arena?

“I’d probably say U2, that’d be my first choice. Maybe have Rolling Stones open up for U2,” Marsch said. Then Marsch started down a rabbit hole for anyone from New Jersey by invoking the name of Bruce Springsteen into the discussion.

“Most Jersey people would probably say The Boss, right?” Marsch said. “Like my good friend Bob Bradley would most certainly say The Boss. So that’s probably apropos, having it be in Jersey.”

Bradley of course is the former United States national team head coach who had Marsch as an assistant on his staff. Last week Bradley was named the first American to manage a team in England when Swansea appointed him as their new gaffer. It was revealed that he has been to over 50 Springsteen concerts.

But this is a digression now as the follow-up question for Marsch was obviously about his preference between the aforementioned Springsteen, preferred by Bradley and smarter people everywhere, and Jon Bon Jovi, who is low hanging fruit to anyone with discernment.

“I’m probably more Bon Jovi, actually,” Marsch said in a shocking lack of taste. “That probably puts me more on the cheesy spectrum, actually.”

Fitting since Marsch was born and raised in Wisconsin.

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