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Red Sox 2B Dustin Pedroia has small hands

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Dustin Pedroia showing off them small hands of his. Getty Images

Dustin Pedroia did an interview with ESPN’s Tim Kurkjian (he wasn’t fired) and Kurkjian opened the chat with the following question: “Have you always had small hands?”

Pedroia should have said, “No, they used to be huge and then one summer day they magically shrunk.”

Instead, he showed some class and answered the question. He went on to answer seven more questions about his small hands in the interview.

Much like our current POTUS, Pedroia has a little bit of small hands syndrome going on. And it’s gotta sting that his secret is now out.

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“He has the smallest hands I’ve ever seen on a major league player,” former Sox manager Terry Francona said in Kurkjian’s piece.

If Manny Machado brings this up at Fenway this week, look out. 


The Truth about spelling

Paul Pierce is done playing the sport of basketball, and that’s sad.

Pierce has been the face of the Celtics organization since the late 1990s, and even when he was playing for other teams the past few years – it was clear that he was still a Celtic. Hell, he wore a Celtics warmup jersey at Fenway on the day Derek Jeter retired and he hadn’t officially been a Celtic in over a year. Only in Boston does this type of stuff happen.

Pierce thanked a bunch of people (including the city of Boston) on Twitter Sunday. The tweets were heartfelt for sure, but the grammar police were unfortunately all over him.

No. 34 thanked former Celtics head coaches Jim “Obrian” and Rick “Patino.” He also tweeted that he’s “TEADY” for a new chapter.

Time for a new blackberry, PP. Enjoy your retirement.


Gimme that nightlife

Nightlife is important to NBA players, even in the postseason. Golden State Warriors forward Matt Barnes was asked by ESPN about playing either the Utah Jazz or LA Clippers in the second round and the difference in party culture was immediately at the forefront.

“No comparison,” Barnes said. “There’s no nightlife in Utah.”

Barnes is correct. If you’re stuck in an American city on an off-night, anyone would rather party it up in LA than in Salt Lake City. (The Jazz are facing Golden State, FYI)

That said, I’m here to defend Utah a little. You can actually drink there, and it’s not “dry” … mostly thanks to Mitt Romney. Romney got the 2002 Winter Olympics there and the liquor laws changed dramatically. In fact, you can buy beer until 1 a.m. in Utah. Try buying beer past 11 p.m. in Boston. Ain’t happening.

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