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Reddit/4chan plot to hurt Hillary Clinton’s Amazon ranking felled by fairly simple error

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Some people still haven’t learned you can’t keep Hillary Clinton down.

Redditors, in particular. Her Amazon ranking, specifically.

An expensive campaign by Trump-supporting Reddit and 4chan users to drive down the sales rank of Clinton’s new book, What Happened, was foiled this week when they screwed it up by advising people to buy the wrong book.

Before the release of “What Happened” last Tuesday, a post on 4chan’s /pol/ board encouraged readers to buy Donald Trump’s 2016 book “Great Again: How To Fix Our Crippled America” on Tuesday, the day Clinton’s book was released, to prevent her from reaching the #1 spot on Amazon.

A Reddit poster on the board /TheDonald/ hopped aboard the campaign. “I’m gonna send a copy to my #resist crazy aunt,” wrote one user. “She’s gonna be so triggered.”

“The great business man Trump is, wouldn’t consider it being too far fetched if he told an intern to post 4chan about this idea to get some sales ;)” wrote another.

“Her sales will be dismal anyway, so it shouldn’t be to hard to beat her,” wrote another.

Unfortunately, the ringleader of the plot told users to buy the wrong book: “Time To Get Tough: Making America Great Again!” The difference thus split, Clinton’s book hit the #1 spot on Tuesday and held it through Thursday.

Thursday’s #2 spot? “Unbelievable: My Front-Row Seat to the Craziest Campaign in American History” by NBC correspondent Katy Tur. It details the sexism and quasi-violent threats she witnessed while covering the Trump presidential campaign.

At the same time, Great Again was #71 — seven spots below “She Persisted,” a children’s book by Chelsea Clinton.

Also on Thursday, it was reported that Amazon was removing one-star reviews of “What Happened” that were being posted by trolls, who were posting their opinions about Clinton instead of the book.

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