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Redrawing ‘The Canterbury Tales’

Designer and illustrator Seymour Chwast admits he didn’t have the most of literary of educations.

“Since I went to art school, I didn’t have the greatest academic experience,” he tells us. So he was more than surprised to see his design career head in the direction of reinterpreting English classics in graphic novel form (his “Dante’s Divine Comedy: A Graphic Adaptation,” was published last year).

In his latest graphic novel, Chwast takes on the “The Canterbury Tales.” “When I read the book, I found out how funny it was, but also how serious. There is such great stories and material to work with.”

But one element of the 14th-century work Chwast decided to work around? In his, the medieval pilgrims travel around the countryside on motorcycles instead of horses.

“I’m not great at drawing horses,” admits Chwast. “And I love drawing motorcycles. So that is one kind of my conceits I put out there.”

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