Regrouping for busy transit – Metro US

Regrouping for busy transit

I think we’re all well aware of the road closures and details on lane closures and restriction around Metro Vancouver. Let’s re-group a little here on transit and what to expect on busy Olympic afternoons and evenings.

If you are taking SkyTrain downtown, especially for events at Canada Hockey Place (GM Place) or B.C. Place, get off at the Main Street Station, as opposed to the Stadium Station.

The Crowds are so heavy in and around Stadium Station that Main Street being just a short walk from everything, is just a better choice and you’ll help alleviate the chaos at Stadium.

Think ahead and pre-buy your tickets! Everyone seems to want to leave Vancouver at the same time, and the lineups at the ticket-vending machines can sometimes be longer than the wait for the actual transportation service itself.

If you are travelling with a backpack during peak times, take it off your back and hold it. Not only will that conserve space, but it will save you bumping the people around you every time you move.

Most importantly, passengers need to expect the unexpected and allow at least an hour’s transportation time to and from your destination. This past weekend was the busiest yet, and we’ll likely see it get even busier with some major games in men’s and women’s hockey and curling quarter- and semi-finals taking place this week.

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