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Remembering Teri through Facebook

Social media memorial groups appearing on sites like Facebook to honour one’s life have become a popular way to remember lost loved ones.

However, once someone passes on his or her personal page may remain active, as is the case in Teri Murray, a Calgary Stampede Princess who died in a car accident in February.

Teri’s friend Jenn Mansell said this has allowed people send messages daily to Teri as a part of the grieving process.

“You’re sending a message to someone you know will never get them, but in a way you’re talking to them. It helps.”

Alyna Reesor from the Calgary Counselling Centre said memorials on Facebook both have positive and negative effects. Benefits include the accessibility of Facebook. “They are expressing their thoughts and feelings in a way that is relatively safe, and they also feel connected in their grieving so they don’t feel alone.” Reesor added the memorial posts can be negative, because comments can’t be assessed to see if help is needed.

A trust fund entitled the Teri Murray Trust has been set up at any Bank of Nova Scotia.

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