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Reno can’t exorcise spooky spirits

The Canadian Museum of Nature may have been recently renovated, but the ghosts have remained inside the walls of the 98-year-old building.

The Haunted Walk tours at the museum made their debut in May and will be held every Thursday this Halloween season. From strange voices to foggy figures appearing on staircases, the night crew have seen and heard their share of paranormal activity during their shifts.

What’s unique about the 60-minute tour at the Museum of Nature is that half the tour is devoted to showcasing the $216-million renovations and collection of creepy critters, while the other half of the tour tells frightening stories that send chills down your spine.

Laura Beauchamp is a tour guide at the museum and she said some staff members refuse to walk in parts of the building and refuse to be there during certain hours.

A few years ago on Halloween night, Beauchamp had her own paranormal experience when her cloak was pulled off by what she described as “an unseen force.”

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