Report: 13-year-old girl punched by another teen at McCarren Pool – Metro US

Report: 13-year-old girl punched by another teen at McCarren Pool

In yet another incident at McCarren Pool, a 13-year-old girl was brutally punched in the face by another teen girl just outside the pool last week, according to one New York City park advocate.

According to Geoffrey Croft’s blog “A Walk in the Park,” police have arrested a 13-year old and a 16-year old related to the incident but are still looking for three more girls. Croft is a watchdog for the city’s vast public park system.

Metro called NYPD to confirm, but officers said they could not immediately respond with any information about the incident.

The attack occurred on July 10, when a group of five girls allegedly followed a group of three girls from inside the pool to a playground nearby.

According to “A Walk in the Park,” three separate videos of the attack were posted to YouTube but two have since been taken down.

“Why do you want to fight us?” one of the girls allegedly asks in the video.

“You need to watch what you say,” responds another girl.

Moments later the teen reportedly punched the 13-year-old girl in the face, giving her a bloody nose, wrote Croft.

“She was bleeding, and they were bragging that they hit that girl,” a local who had watched the videos told Croft. “Another one was talking like she did a big thing — she was so proud that she hit another girl and made her bleed.”

In the remaining video, titled “Alicia fight this white girl,” one of the girls who did the alleged punching dances in apparent celebration.

Officers from the 94th Precinct arrested and charged two teens identified by the victims with third-degree assault the next day, according to the blog.

Other incidents at the pool

This July 10 skirmish is not the first time violence has circled around McCarren.

On Monday, police at the pool had to use pepper spray to quell a fight that broke out.

In June the pool was closed the day after its grand reopening was closed after a lifeguard was reportedly pulled underwater by a swimmer. In early July several lockers were broken into and a woman’s purse was stolen. Hours later three pool-goers were arrested after allegedly punching one officer in the face and injuring another’s wrist. The NYPD and Parks Dept. greatly increased security at the pool after these incidents, and up to 50 cops now patrol the pool.

Most recently a teenager was stabbed and killed while walking home blocks away from the pool, in what was likely a gang-related incident.