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Report recommends sprinkler systems in new homes

Depending on results of a report proposed by a city alderman, new homes in the city could one day have fire suppressant sprinkler systems.

Ward 4 Ald. Bob Hawkesworth said hearing from city fire chief Bruce Burrell that residential sprinkler systems could be the single most important measure to reduce “loss of life and injury and loss of property” convinced him the city should investigate further.

Hawkesworth will put forth a notice of motion at today’s combined meeting of council that asks for a feasibility study and report on the implementation of residential sprinklers to come back to council by late next year.

While he acknowledges the potential additional cost to homebuilders and eventually homeowners, Hawkesworth believes the benefits balance the financial outlay.

“There’s peace of mind for one thing — which is priceless,” said Hawkesworth, noting systems in Vancouver have shown no fatalities in buildings that house residential sprinklers.

“There’s reduced insurance premiums … and of course, if you do it for an entire neighbourhood or community, then maybe there are reductions possible in the siting of fire stations — you can put them further apart.”

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