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Report to help city click with residents

Residents will find it easier to do business with the municipality online if the city adopts the recommendations of a mayoral task force.

The Mayor’s Taskforce on E-governance — an 82-page report, released yesterday — makes recommendations on how to make the city run better through technology, including one to do more city business online that will affect most residents.

If the city follows the report’s eight recommendations, most citizens would find it easier to navigate city websites, take part in consultations, or go online to pay for recreational programs, licences, fees, fines, taxes, permits or bills.

“Their recommendations, in particular those dealing with governance can fundamentally transform our
city government for the better,” said Mayor Larry O’Brien.

When the city’s population reaches one million, the city budget is expected to grow by at least 20 per cent. The report suggests that virtually the entire 20 per cent growth in operating costs could be offset through efficiencies gained from prudent investment in Internet Technology.

The report recommends that a committee or subcommittee be established to advise councillors on big information technology investments, and advises that the city hire a chief strategist for service delivery to oversee the IT implementation.
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