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Reporting race responsibly

Two Vancouver councillors are bringing a motion to council asking the city to support and encourage ethical journalistic standards in reporting on race and ethnicity.

The motion, which comes to council tomorrow via councillors Kerry Jang and Raymond Louie, is in response to a MacLean’s article published last month, which asks if Canadian universities are “too Asian.”

“We want to make sure we have a city where we can talk about (race and ethnicity) in a safe, accurate way,” Jang said, adding that the MacLean’s article was one-sided and perpetuated stereotypes.

“The media plays a big role in ethical and race relations across the country. It’s important we create standards by which (media reports).”

Jang said the motion reaffirms work the city is already doing on anti-discrimination projects.

“It sends a message across the country that we expect a better discussion.”

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