Rescue group takes in 33 dogs from puppy mills

An English bulldog, a basset hound, a shih tzu and 30 other mainly purebred dogs found a safe haven in Wainscott after being rescued from Midwest puppy mills.

“These animals lived in wire cages and received very little if any human contact,” Jamie Berger, of the Hamptons-based Animal Rescue Fund told Metro. “The females were forced to reproduce without the proper amount of time between breeding cycles.”

The Animal Rescue Fund worked closely with Utah’s Best Friends Animal Society to rescue the pups from large Midwestern breeding compounds. They brought the dogs to Long Island for adoption and to educate the public on the horrors of puppy mills.

“The dogs will be available for adoption in one to three weeks,” said Berger. “They have to be checked by a veterinarian, spayed and neutered.”

The rescued dogs were deemed “unsalable” by the puppy mill owners because their breeds are no longer popular with the public, or because a few are mixed breeds. The mill owners contacted the Utah organization, which then contacted ARF.

“We picked up the dogs at a drop-off site in Armonk on Tuesday night,” said Berger. “These are the lucky dogs, because they got out of the puppy mills.”

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