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Rescued from VHS: Beatles begin ‘Let It Be’ 45 years ago today

On Jan. 2, 1969, The Beatles entered Twickenham Studios in England for what was supposed to be a movie about the band making an album. This project went horribly wrong, and it ended up being a documentary of a band starting to break up.

George Harrison walked out on the band eight days later. There would be many exits and re-entries and the documentary was shelved, but various copies have circulated on VHS over the years and the recordings became “Let It Be,” the last album of original Beatles material ever released.

It’s important to distinguish, however, that the Fab Four did get their act together one last time to record “Abbey Road,” later in 1969, which was released before producer Phil Spector went in to salvage the sessions that made up “Let It Be.”

Here’s the movie in its full embarrassing glory as John Lennon, Paul McCartney, Ringo Starr and George Harrison are at their musical best and their petty infighting worst. Oh yeah, and watch for the ever-present Yoko Ono!

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