Rescued from VHS: OutKast on ‘Teen Summit’ in 1997 – Metro US

Rescued from VHS: OutKast on ‘Teen Summit’ in 1997

OutKast is reuniting! You know that already though, because you have the Internet. To celebrate the fact that Big Boi and Andre 3000 will share a stage again at Coachella this year, let’s look back at this little piece of history.

Although we call this segment “Rescued from VHS,” this is the first installment that we can directly point to and say that yes, it was rescued from VHS, as YouTube user icecoldbruh explains in the description area of the post, “Sorry about the quality… the VHS was not in good shape.”

But the quality of the rap is pretty amazing, and it’s almost shocking this was 17 years ago!

Big Boi was referring to himself as Daddy Fat Sax way back then?!

The format of the “Teen Summit” television show doesn’t quite capture OutKast at their highest energy, as the two MCs holler out “We can’t hear y’all” a little too much, and the crowd dance like they’re at a, well, a teen summit.

But as Andre and Big Boi roll through “Elevators (Me & You)” and “ATLiens,” both from their 1996 album, “ATLiens,” it’s clear that this chemistry between the rappers will be a welcome return.