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Rescued Winnipeg pups up for adoption in Edmonton

A cross-provincial journey ended happily for 22 Winnipeg puppies at the Edmonton Humane Society yesterday.

Humane Society volunteer Les Raubenheimer said he brought the puppies over “to give them a chance.”

Raubenheimer and his wife, Sandy, drove in a Humane Society-funded vehicle with fuel donated by Lexus of Edmonton to Winnipeg to retrieve the animals from an overcrowded facility.

“A lot of people put in a lot of effort,” Sandy said.

She and her husband and family have a farm, which is home to another 30 animals that needed to be taken care of while they were gone.

“It was an opportunity, we saw it and we took it. It really turned out to be fantastic for these animals,” she said. “We’ve enjoyed every minute of it.”

They heard of the puppies’ plight during a meeting with Lexus in Edmonton, where Sandy works. The Winnipeg Humane Society simply did not have enough space for the animals.

“I guess they just have an abundance of dogs,” she said. “The Edmonton Humane Society has the ability to find homes for them, mostly because the people of Edmonton really have big hearts.”

In the past, puppy adoption numbers have gone down in Winnipeg, but Edmonton Humane Society spokeswoman Shawna Randolph said they help whenever they can.

In the end, the puppies travelled over 1,700 kilometres.

“This is a very happy ending,” said Randolph.

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