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Restaurant inspection reports get millions of hits online

Industry reps once dismissed the idea of an online record of food inspections as something only the media would look at.

But the government says its website got almost four million visitors in its first week of operation.

“We got what we consider to be almost an unbelievable response,” said agriculture spokesman Leo Muise.

The website (gov.ns.ca/agri/foodsafety/reports/) allows users to search the health inspection histories of their favourite restaurants. It was launched in late October and got a few hundred thousand hits in the first day.

But the next day, after word spread through media reports, the site had 1.5 million visitors. That number has now leveled off to about 1,000 per week, said Glavine. And most of those take place on the weekend, when people are presumably preparing to eat out.

“The other thing we’ve seen is every person who’s tapping on is probably checking on four or five different establishments,” he said.

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