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Returning to ancient Egypt

Seer of Egypt
Author: Pauline Gedge
Publisher: Penguin Canada
Price: $24 (Paperback)

Alberta-based author Pauline Gedge returns to ancient Egypt in the second book of The King’s Man Trilogy, Seer of Egypt.

The volume picks up with the story of Huy, whose childhood and coming-of-age was detailed in the series’ first novel.

Given the gift of clairvoyance from the deity Thoth, Huy has been charged with being the Seer of the King. But, despite the rank provided by the position, Huy can’t help but feel restless, dreaming of simpler pursuits. When the King asks Huy to explain a dream, Huy realizes he’s being coerced into a plot to replace Egypt’s top god, which stands to compromise the country’s future and principles.

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