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‘Revenge’ recap: Episode 11, ‘Duress’

Well this was a juicy one, no?

We start at the end, per se, as the show opens with Tyler pointing a gun to fake-Emily’s head at an outdoor party. It’s Daniel’s birthday clambake. But before we find out the avenger’s fate, let’s go back in time two days…

The rough patch between Daniel and his father looks to be officially over, once Papa Grayson informs Daniel that hiring Tyler was a mistake. Conrad’s got other personal drama to attend to in the meantime — his divorce proceedings with Victoria. Her shady lawyer (who we recall refused to take David Clarke’s case) is in the foreground, arguing for her to get sole custody of the kids, which Conrad isn’t too pleased about. We initially learn Conrad and Victoria had a prenup, but since it was signed while Victoria was pregnant, it’s null because she signed it under duress (oooh, the episode title comes into play) — and thus she’s entitled to half of Conrad’s fortune. But this prenup’s just as capricious as this show’s characters — unbeknownst to Conrad, Victoria actually miscarried that child, so the prenup is technically still valid.

The build-up to Tyler’s meltdown has been brewing for some time now, but it comes to a nice head tonight. While fake-Emily snoops around Tyler’s bag for Nolan’s stolen whale camera (she and Nolan are besties again), she finds a bottle of pills and calls the prescriber under the pretense of Tyler’s doctor. Yikes — she learns Tyler’s wanted for attacking someone. She works with Nolan to track down the police case and decides to hit up Tyler’s brother, a Cali-based surgeon, to intervene.

Meanwhile, Conrad and Victoria put aside their differences for their now mutual hatred of Tyler, as they learn he’s had them set up this whole time. In other plot news, real-Emily starts to get jealous of Jack’s friendship with fake-Em, and Daniel shows fake-Em the gun he’s got in case Tyler freaks.

And freak he does. Tyler’s first target is Nolan, who he stabs, binds and gags for all that spying he did on him. Luckily, Tyler’s brother arrives JUST IN TIME to see Nolan struggling and set him free. Tyler then heads to casa de fake-Em for Daniel’s bday clambake, and the two participate in a spiteful, verbal pas-de-deux that leads to Emily being trailed by Tyler (with a gun) when she brings out the birthday cake.

Tyler sets up a curious game of “Truth or Die” and pressures Conrad for the real story behind David Clarke. If he doesn’t give it, he says, he’ll shoot someone, and he picks fake-Emily. Again arriving in a clutch moment is Tyler’s brother to save the day, and Tyler’s arrested and promptly removed from the scene.

After the arrest, Conrad tells Queen V that dead man Frank’s wallet was found in Tyler’s jacket (so THAT’S what Emily slipped into his pocket during their earlier encounter), making him the prime suspect in Frank’s murder and clearing the air for the Graysons. Could a reconciliation between the Hamptons’ biggest power couple be on the horizon?

Real-Em asks Jack what the deal with the whole David Clarke story is and implies that maybe there’s some truth to all the conspiracies. Bitch is getting just as revengeful as fake-Em if you ask me. Finally, Victoria’s lawyer — on a late-night house call — tells her that he found a doctor who would sign the papers saying she was indeed pregnant at the time of the prenup, so the document will in fact still be null and void, leaving Victoria destined to take all the chips — with a phony Hamptons smile plastered on, of course.

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