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‘Revenge’ recap: Episode 13,’Union’

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While most of the country was tuning in to the Grammys, you and I were glued to (yet another) return of “Revenge.” Tonight’s a biggie: The minimally-anticipated wedding between Jack and Emily/”Amanda Clarke!”

Tonight opens with a young Amanda playing house, getting ready to “marry” Jack. Flash forward to the present and Amanda still has her pipe cleaner wedding ring. Poor girl! Back in the present, Nolan informs Amanda that both Aidan and Padma are MIA. Also unbeknownst to Amanda, Conrad has control of half the Stowaway. Well, this doesn’t sit very well with her. She’s especially peeved that Emily didn’t tell her about this. They’re supposed to share everything! She writes Em a check to get the bar back.

On a little tour of the Stowaway backdrop, one of those stupid Ryan brothers tells Conrad and Ashley that he wants to make the scene very Atlantic City. Ha! Even more laughable are Conrad’s ambitions of becoming the governor of New York.

Emily confronts Jack—how could he have gone in a deal with the Graysons? He secretly plans a little getaway for he and Emily, maybe that’ll smooth things over a little bit. Declan and Charlotte will practice their parenting skills by watching over Carl for a few days.

Elsewhere, Daniel and Victoria still hate each other, and Aidan pays a surprise visit to Nolan. He wants to get the details of the video that showed his dead sister. The video was filmed six years ago, not three days prior. Nolan traces its location to Jersey City, so that’s their next stop. Secretly, he tells Amanda about Aidan’s visit. She tells him that Aidan’s dad was the real target, that he loaded the bomb on the flight that was eventually downed. Amanda wants Nolan to cross-check all Jane Doe’s in Jersey City to see if any of them match up with Colleen.

Helen calls Daniel. She wants him to go into business with some emerging markets. Victoria doesn’t like this idea—in a flashback, we see that the Initiative did the same thing to David. They made make it look like he was moving money to foreign countries, and Victoria told David she couldn’t help him and not to call him anymore. She doesn’t want the same thing to happen to her son. Could that be some motherly love I sense?

Emily wants Jack to get the bar back from Conrad, but Jack doesn’t want to be in debt to them. He’s also mad Amanda found out, but she says the Amanda can help them get rid of the Graysons forever.

Ashley and Conrad are having a little (fully-clothed) meeting when Victoria enters. She needs all the contracts that went down between Conrad and the Initiative in order to show Daniel just what the Initiative wants to do with him, since as it goes now he’ll be culpable for whatever national tragedy comes next.

Emily finds Aidan at the Jersey City warehouse where the Colleen murder video was made. They find the spot in the warehouse where the video was made. He still doesn’t know for sure if Colleen is alive, so they go looking for the coroner’s files.

Jack shows up at Conrad’s house and presents him a check, only Conrad doesn’t want to take it, because you see, the vision for the area has since changed. He tells Jack about his plan to revitalize the waterfront, and that since Jack hasn’t always been on time with his money matters, the bank is investigating him and it’s just a matter of time before Conrad owns the bar in full. Well, Jack’s not going down with a fight. This will be a battle between means and principle.

The coroner’s filed is pulled, and it is Colleen after all. Elsewhere, Declan and Jack argue about whether or not to fight for the bar. They don’t want to tell Emily because they don’t want to ruin their upcoming wedding, but she hears anyway.

Nolan calls Padma out on her knowing about Carrion—he wants to know why she’s playing him, and asks about her father as a way to get answers. Padma, sensing she’s being watched, tells Nolan everything’s fine with him but shows him a Post-It that reads “NOT HERE.”

Emily breaks into Amanda’s house and gets a hold of her Revenge box. She takes it to Conrad and tries to blackmail him with the David Clarke evidence inside it. Wait a minute, this is huge! Conrad and Emily (pretending to be Amanda) have never discussed any David Clarke business. Now he knows that she knows, uh-oh! You best believe he immediately gets on the phone to cancel the deal with the Ryan brother, and Ashley is of course listening in the wings.

Poor Aidan, all of his training was to save Colleen and now he thinks he’s failed her. He’s with Amanda in a potters field where I guess his sister is buried. He accuses Amanda of being cold and she gives some sappy monologue about how she misses her dad every day. He leaves her in the cemetery, which would be a creepy place to be abandoned.

Padma tells Nolan that the Initiative kidnapped her father and forced her to get the Carrion code from her. But Nolan knew this all along, so he only gave her a partially finished Carrion.

Victoria confronts Daniel, telling him that the Initiative has planned for him what they did to David. She also says something about how her family “inadvertently helped down Flight 197”…so could this possibly mean that maybe the Graysons aren’t such horrible monsters after all? That maybe they just fell into the wrong crowd and didn’t find a way out? If Daniel keeps this up, everyone in his life, including Amanda (“Emily”) will be at risk. She says she didn’t tell him the truth because they made threats against his life which forced her to keep quiet, and that he has to play along in order to keep up the game. Little do they know that of course Helen is watching from her perch. She tells someone on the phone that she’ll take care of this herself.

OK, now Emily and Jack get married!! Nolan, in some horribly tacky suit jacket, is the officiate at the beachside service, and Emily (“Amanda”) gives Jack the pipe cleaner ring from earlier in the episode. Poor Amanda watches on in tears, listening to Jack spill his heart about the girl he has loved forever. For a second, I wondered if they’d actually make it through the wedding, or if some horrible disaster would get in the way. But surprisingly, the wedding went off without a hitch, except for the fact that poor Amanda is heartbroken. Aidan watches from some cliff in the distance.

Elsewhere, Mr. Ryan and Conrad fight over the state of the bar. Conrad said the other side has presented some leverage, and Connor suspects the name Porter has something to do with that. If he can have that leverage “taken care of,” could things go back to how they were? Conrad’s says they never had this conversation.

Meanwhile, Daniel calls Amanda. He doesn’t want to rekindle things. She’s a little sad, and also bummed that her tie to the Graysons is no longer viable. Meanwhile, Emily and Jack set sail on their boat.

Helen shows up unannounced at the Graysons’ house. She says there will be repercussions for warning Daniel about them, and that they heard everything. She wants Victoria to hand over the evidence about the flight, or else Daniel’s done. She complies, saying the evidence is in the pool house. When she gives Helen the code to open the safe, Helen discovers it’s empty—but this gun that Victoria’s got isn’t, bitch! It takes a little while, but Victoria does shoot her dead. Buh-bye, another minor “Revenge” character!

Victoria calls Daniel and tells him to pretend that it’s not his mother on the phone. They don’t want the Initiative to know that he’s on in everything now. So he gets home and there’s his mom and a dead Helen. Welcome home, son! Conrad arrives soon after: “We’ve got a problem,” he says. “I’ll go first,” Victoria replies.

Aidan comes around and tells Amanda she’ll never be alone in her Revenge battle. On the Amanda boat, Declan’s trying to get in touch with his brother about extra pacifiers, but the line’s been cut—Connor Ryan is ON THE BOAT! Yikes. Guess that ship is nearing its sinking. Wonder who’s going down with it?

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