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‘Revenge’ recap: Episode 18, ‘Justice’

The description of tonight’s episode told us that we’d finally learn who killed David Clarke. Of course, we don’t find out until the last few seconds of the show. Typical “Revenge” move, if you ask me.

Anyways, it’s now winter, and Daniel’s in the midst of his trial. Declan and Charlotte have since split, what with him practically nullifying her testimony, and now he’s been called to the stand. In other Porter news, Jack’s on a wild goose chase up and down the Northeast for Amanda, but Nolan has cleverly rigged the system, of course, so that he’s always a day off in finding her. If Amanda’s still out of the picture, Jack’s basically safe.

The Graysons’ lawyer, Brooks, tells the family that they need to paint Daniel as a sympathetic good guy to elicit some positive, innocent-voting vibes from the jury. How will they do that? Call upon fake-Emily, who voluntarily chooses to spend her time with Daniel. They’re especially cautious of Juror 3, whom Brooks thinks is predisposed to vote guilty. A little Grayson tampering, though, can fix that situation. More on that later.

Jack finally returns home and pays a little visit to casa de fake-Em, where they share a tender hug by the fire. But Daniel sees Jack head into her house and the seeds of jealously start to root. Further making these worse for Jack, the hoodie with Tyler’s blood on it is still in his possession. This doesn’t look very good to a jury.

The Graysons will do anything to ensure that Daniel isn’t found guilty. They decide that calling Jack to the stand will lead them to Amanda, who could have more information. Queen Victoria wants Charlotte to find a way to get Declan to recant his recanting (follow?) and say something like, oh, yeah, my mistake, there was another dude on the beach that night. He would of course use the word “dude.” It’s Declan. So, Charlotte seduces him, and he takes the bait, but then sides with his brother on the stand. Brotherly love.

Victoria puts her pawn, Lee, to work again, this time in arranging a hung jury. Lee finagles his way into Juror 3’s hotel room and threatens to kill her son if she doesn’t follow his orders. Eeeesh.

Nolan’s all about helping Jack (to help fake-Em), which means he’s got to get Jack out of the picture so fake-Em can take the bloody sweatshirt and thus get Jack off the hook. Daniel calls her as she’s leaving for Jack’s place, but she declines the call. Daniel sees and is PISSED. He starts drinking. Fake-Em grabs the sweatshirt and makes it look like Jack’s place was robbed. When the Declan and Jack see, they believe it too — until Jack notices the computer and TV haven’t been taken…but the sweatshirt has. They think the worst, but little do they know they’re in the clear!

Oooh, speaking of jealous men, Conrad apparently knows Victoria’s former/recent lover and confronts him at his studio, tactfully informing him that he also canceled his upcoming gallery shows. Conrad calls him out on being a conman who’s duped them in the past and threatens to take him to the police.

Fake-Em returns from her latest mission only to find a drunk Daniel has broken into her home and gets all crazy violent on her. It’s kind of ironic that he’s onto her dirty work when his mental capacities are diminished, no? Anyways, his Lohan anklet goes off, of course, since he’s off his property, and he gets re-arrested and thrown in jail.

Ah, now for the stunning conclusion! Remember how I was confused last week about fake-Em taking an imprint of a key found on Lee? It looks like that was a car key, because fake-Em somehow managed to plant Jack’s bloody hoodie, with Tyler’s blood on it, in his car! Suckssss. So then Lee gets arrested and the tables are turned: He uses his one prison call on Victoria (calling Collect and telling her it’s “your worst nightmare” — did anyone else think that was the best line of the night?) So Lee’s all like, if you’ve set me up, you’re coming down with me. But Victoria really didn’t this time! Petrified about how this will screw them over, the Graysons have Lee killed — but they make it look like he hung himself. Later, Emily hears Conrad talking on the phone (naturally, she’s bugged the Grayson manor): “We’ve got another David Clarke situation on our hands,” he says. Fake-Em freaks: Wasn’t her dad killed in a knife fight in jail? No, of course not! The Graysons had him murdered! Sheesh, for all her smarts, she really can be naïve sometimes.

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