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‘Revenge’ recap: Episode 305, ‘Control’

Jack begs Amanda to finish her business on Jack begs Amanda to finish her business on “Revenge.” The stuffed animals? I have no idea what that’s about.
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No, this is not a Janet Jackson song…it’s another “Revenge” recap!

Tonight’s episode opens with Emily Van Camp in another black hoodie, so we know Amanda’s up to no good. Indeed, she’s snooping for evidence into who slashed Conrad’s brakes and tried to kill him. But just as she gets into her groove, Aidan stops her—this is his turf now.

Cut to Jack (shirtless!) taking care of baby Carl. Well hello there Nick Weschler, you’re looking mighty fine these days. Anyways, Margot seems to think so too, as she drops by and invites Jack to be her guest at the launch party for the new Voulez. Even though he hates Daniel, Jack agrees to go.

At Grayson Global, Conrad’s hired a personal investigator because that’s what people with surplus income do when they learn they have enemies. Well this news doesn’t sit well with Aidan, who makes Conrad a deal: You make me your own PI, and I’ll get Jack in jail and Charlotte back on your good graces (you’ll recall she hates him after she found out he was behind the bombing that killed Declan). Deal? Deal.

Jack drops by the pool where Patrick is sketching, all part of a mini-plan Victoria has hatched to get her two sons to get along. Looks like it works, Victoria notices as she comes onto the scene, but it’s too bad that when Amanda arrives, Daniel’s still mad at her.

At Bergdorf (because where else would Victoria look for a mother-of-the-groom dress?) Amanda steps out and Charlotte and Vicky engage in a little mother-daughter chat. Her brother’s ex, a cocktail waitress, is better than this crazy girl, Victoria says. What’s the big deal, what did Emz ever do to you, Charlotte wonders? Oh, you didn’t know that she was carrying on an affair with Jack, Charlotte? Allow your mother to explain it to you. Well, no matter anymore anyways, since Jack seems smitten with Margot.

Nolan visits Patrick at the gallery that Victoria took over last week. Patrick at first plays along, but then rebuffs Nolan’s advances—how could you pay off my ex-wife for info about me, he wonders?

Margot is very busy setting up her office party with Daniel (her father’s flying in and she has to get everything right for him) when she realizes she has just about zero information on Emily’s (Amanda’s) family. That’s because her parents died in a car accident when she was a kid, Daniel tells her. Margot still can’t believe he knows literally nothing about them—he’s never even seen a picture of her parents.

At the Stoweaway, Jack’s just minding his own business when WHOA HELLO AIDAN THANKS FOR KNOCKING. No seriously, Aidan’s broken into his house. Dude’s dressed in all black, probably taking after his boss. Conrad sent him, he tells Jack. But it gets interesting. Aidan, by visiting Jack, isn’t there to harm him. He’s there to give him a chance to run. He wants Jack to escape! He’s working for Conrad, but still also working for Amanda. They’re not done with Jack yet—he can’t afford to be in jail.

Nolan and Amanda have their 2109393rd “when is this going to end” argument this season, with Nolan offering wisdom in the form of “the more strings you pull the easier it is to get strangled.” Amanda’s about to go to the party when Victoria stops her to talk—it’s urgent. The accident that killed Fr. Paul was no accident, she says—it looks like Jack tried to kill Conrad. Amanda feigns surprise.

The big “Revenge” party of the night, the Voulez launch party, is filled with cool NYC kids, like a girl with half a shaved head. Oh no, Pasquale, Margot’s father, had an accident (an ahk-see-dent, as Margot says) and can no longer make it. But Charlotte’s there, so…yay? She’s in no mood to talk Conrad with Daniel though. She just wants to enjoy the party. Buzzkill.

Amanda’s not there yet—she goes to warn Jack that Victoria thinks he’s behind Conrad’s car accident, and he tells her about his visitor. Amanda realizes right away that it’s Aidan, and she’s pissed that he’s working for both her and Conrad. Jack, like Nolan, wonders when she’s gonna end this craziness (you and me both, Jack). She can’t even trust the people on her side.

Amanda and Aidan get into a fight (seriously, all anyone on this show does is fight). He says he needed to tell Conrad about the brakes because he was going to cut Aidan out of his proceedings otherwise, and they have to keep abreast of what the Graysons are up to. She thinks he’s jealous that Jack is still in the picture—after all, he does ask if she still loves him. Amanda pleads with Aidan to clear Jack’s name in this mess.

Patrick’s again painting (does he have any other talents? Maybe not.) when Nolan comes for another visit, this time to apologize (and quote Da Vinci, apparently). Back at the party, Margot is freaking out—oh no, her dad didn’t really have an ahk-see-dent, he just actually hated her version of Voulez and decided to forgo the party. Victoria tries to comfort Margot and offers some unsolicited advice: You can either be controlled by men or learn to control them. There’s a twinkle in Margot’s eye. Wonder where this’ll go.

Amanda finally shows up to the party, but Daniel’s not having it. I’m the only one fighting for this relationship, he tells her. He’s had enough—the engagement is off! Yikes. Let’s imagine how Amanda feels in this moment. Angry that she’s losing control in her plan at every possible turn, yes, but also, perhaps she personally feels a little tinge of pain at being dumped, even though the whole thing is fake? I would. Amanda leans on the wise old man Nolan for more support: “The more you try to control, the more chance there is for error.” I’m pretty sure that came out of a fortune cookie, but whatever. Daniel’s evolved, he tells her. The only way you’ll get back into his zone is if you open yourself a little to him. Even just a crack. Can Amanda do it? Also, let’s give it up one more time to Nolan’s stylist, who put him in a neck scarf this week.

Amanda goes snooping through Emily (the dead one)’s bag of stuff she left behind in the Stoweaway. She pulls out a picture of Emily (the real one) on the beach with her parents as a little girl.

That pep talk from Victoria must have really revved Margot up, because she walks on into the Stoweaway like she owns the damn place and tells Jack she will not chase after a man. Jack tries to explain why he was a no-show at the party: There was an intruder (true). All of a sudden Margot feels very bad. They make up, he tells her he actually really does like her, they kiss (this is the second Stoweaway kiss this season, for those keeping score at home), it’s all very nice, except vengeful Amanda spots it from the wings. You could practically hear her heart shatter.

Aidan needs to talk to Victoria stat. He realized the access code to Conrad’s garage wasn’t tampered with—meaning someone inside the family must have set up his car to malfunction. Which one of their children was it? First, Charlotte confesses—she was so mad at her dad for Declan’s death that she wanted him dead. Conrad actually forgives her right away—he’s just glad they’re having an honest conversation. Charlotte’s explanation makes sense and their makeup is actually kind of touching but—oh! There’s that knowing smile between Victoria and Charlotte. Charlotte didn’t really do it, haha, FOOLED YOU says “Revenge” showrunner Sunil. No, Charlotte will take the fall if it means she can protect Jack. Patrick really did it, Aidan has discovered. Victoria will cover it, and it puts Aidan right where Amanda needs him for “the final step.” Gasp! Could we be getting close to something here?! Lord I hope. Anyways, she spills some lovey-dovey talk to him about him being everything to her, yada yada, they make out, there’s a nice sunset, ahh, rainbows butterflies kisses love!

But one guy is not enough for this little minx. Amanda goes back to Daniel, and takes Nolan’s advice. That picture she dug up? She uses it to give Daniel a little glimpse at her earlier life. “It’s so hard for me to talk about my past,” she moans. Oh, shut your mouth. She had everything ripped from her and she’s still mad about it, she cries. Daniel thinks she’s talking about the accident that killed her parents, but we know otherwise. They embrace, the wedding’s back on like that, and it’s all good in the Hamptons hood. The last scene is of Nolan ripping off Patrick’s shirt, so I guess things are good there too.

Viewers, what’d ya think of “Control”? Amanda gained hers back by relinquishing a little bit. Is this going to be a new way of life for her? Do you think we’re getting anywhere near some sort of fruition here? There are five episodes left til the big wedding, and a lot can happen. I give this episode a C—not much happened, but I’d watch this over a Hamptons Polo match any day.

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