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‘Revenge’ recap: Episode 7, “Charade”

Happy 25th anniversary, Mr. and Mrs. Grayson!Seems like yesterday you
kids were knee-deep in scandal with Daniel Clarke and this whole
terrorism thing. My how time flies! How ironic that a reporter has been
sent to get the scoop on the Hamptons’ perfect couple — you two are
anything but.

Lydia’s still unconscious, but the actress who plays her is still
listed in the opening credits (I’m looking at you, Amber Valletta —
might I say it was a pleasant surprise to see you here after your turn
in “Hitch,” one of my favorite rom-coms), so we know she’s still got
some unfinished business here.

Frank, as we learned last week, is on to Emily, and he makes this
known in a pretty obvious way when he breaks into her house. Once the
two have a mini-showdown, Emily makes a phone call she wishes she “never
had to make” to the warden at her old juvie prison — who knows her as
Amanda— asking for help (protection, we’ll learn). The warden’s on her

Em’s not the only own trying to chat with the prison boss — Frank
pays a special visit to the jail, and when he gets an unsupervised
second, finds the file on Emily Thorne — although it’s not the Emily we
know in that picture. He tracks the girl in the photo down at a strip
club and gets the details: The real Emily Thorne was Amanda Clarke’s
roommate in juvie, and they switched identities upon their release. The
plot thickens!

And the plot further thickens as the shady case
against Tyler continues to build. Tonight we learn that he’s had a
restraining order against him and, oh, right, he used to be a gay
hustler. How do we know? Emily (nee: Amanda) sends Nolan on a mission to
take him down because he’s getting in the way between her and Daniel.

Meanwhile, let’s get back to the celebration at hand for the joyous
union of Conrad and Victoria. Mrs. Grayson doesn’t approve of
her daughter bringing Declan along to their celebratory dinner because
he’s from the poorer side of the tracks. But in a Kris Humphries-esque
“I do what I want” move, he stands up to the family’ snootiness and
leaves, but not before telling Daniel about his brother’s one-on-one
time with Emily the day before. Well, that just sets in motion a lovely
made-for-TV dinner argument, with tensions high between every couple
there (oh, minus Ashley and Tyler, since Tyler’s busy getting busy
with…Nolan). Grayson ends up leaving (who knows if it’s for good), and
Daniel bonds with his mom over their failed night. But it’s not all bad
news for Daniel: He and Emily confide that they’re falling in love with
each other. Was this always part of her plan? Remember, he’s going to be
dead in a few episodes!

Meanwhile, wise Frank finally reaches Victoria in an effort to let
her know that she was right all along: Emily really is up to no good.
But just as he begins to spill the beans, he’s attacked! With a blunt
object! By the real Emily Thorne! Emily runs off to pseudo-Emily’s
doorstep, with Frank’s phone in tow. A quick flashback reveals the girls
used to hate each other in jail, but now they seem like besties.
Finally, Lydia starts to come to her senses (just as Conrad is by her
bedside) and Victoria tries desperately to reach Frank, who’s now lying
in a shallow grave on the edge of a highway. We’ve got two weeks until
the next episode, and plenty to ruminate on until then!

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