‘Revenge’ recap: Season 2, Episode 3: ‘Confidence’

Settle in, Revenge fans, because I’ve got a hell of a story to tell you.

At the start of tonight’s episode, Aiden and Emily are trying to escape from a maze in Japan — did I mention there are wild dogs chasing them? No pressure. Anyways, it’s a contest, and Aiden wins by garnering the sympathy vote from Emily — Takeda tells Emily she needs to “lose her compassion” in order to be victorious.

Flash back to the present. As we left off last week, Aiden shot the white-haired man down, which you might think make Emily happy — but nah, she’s pissed. She doesn’t need a nanny. But Takeda says he didn’t send her. So how did he know?

Over to Daniel and Victoria conversing on the balcony, where Victoria gives him the rundown of her story she’s gonna tell the cops. Per a flashback, we hear the white-haired man tell her that Conrad’s death will benefit the both of them, and he can kill him for a price: half of Charlotte’s inheritance.

Back at Emily’s, Aiden and Em search the dead white-haired man and find out his ID had the name Gordon Murphy. They also find a piece of evidence linking him to the Pine Crest Motel — hmm, where’s that? We’ll find out soon. Aiden wants his phone, saying the white-haired man was the initiative’s agent, but Em won’t hand it over because it ties her to her mother — once again, letting her emotions get the best of her. And she’s not really happy, to say the least, that Aiden’s invading on her turf like this — so naturally, she clubs him and leaves him for dead in a Dumpster.

Poor Declan is another “Revenge” character in over his head. That plot to hang onto an expensive piece of jewelry has now spiraled into he and that guy robbing rich people’s houses. Will he get caught? Likely.

Elsewhere, Amanda and Jack need a nursery, and Charlotte gives them five grand to get it, but Jack won’t accept their “charity.” He’s a little bit like Walter White to me, minus the whole meth thing (at least for now).

At the Graysons, Victoria has called a press conference to set the record straight about what happened of her. Of course she does. Is there anything else going on in the Hamptons this summer?! No one in the Grayson family is allowed to leave until the media storm blows over. Essentially, she’s still wielding her power to ground her kids. Momma Grayson also tells Charlotte that she can’t associate with Amanda Clarke, and they have to keep their secret about David Clarke being Charlotte’s dad just that — a secret.

Victoria briefs Emily about what she has to say during the conference, and basically kicks her out of the Graysons life, saying she’s not safe here now that she’s involved. Victoria loves twisting that knife, doesn’t she?

Oooh, and speaking of twisting, now the plot twists a little further. Aiden pays a visit to that Pine Crest Motel, knowing immediately to break into room 11 — he’s on the hunt for something, but what? He finds what he’s looking for in the air conditioner — it’s the black box from the plane! When he leaves, he gets admonished by the motel’s manager…EMILY’S MOTHER! ALIVE AND KICKING! IN THE FLESH! There she is, and, wow, I’m excited to see her. Aiden poses as a Southhampton cop looking for a kidnapper. He shows her the sketch of the white-haired man and she says she doesn’t recall anything about him. But then as soon as pulls away, she calls the cops and asks for the cop she just met…WHO DOESN’T EXIST! She’s onto something — exactly what, we’ll find out soon.

Back to our little vixen, Emily. She needs Amanda to go to Victoria’s press conference to give Charlotte one of her dad’s journals. Amanda doesn’t really want to do it — another one in over her head — but Emily kind of guilts her into it with the whole “but we switched identities” thing, and “I’ll tell Jack the baby’s not his” (even though it is), so eventually she goes.

Emily asks Nolan to come by because she wanted him to try to salvage the white-haired man’s cell phone — oh, despite having a bullet torn through the middle of it. He can only get the phone number from the SIM card, but that’s all our crafty sleuth Emily will need to gather some info. Upon his entry, Aiden attacks him (Favorite Nolan quote of the night: “Why does this keep happening to me?”) and Emily forces Nolan out. Aiden tells Emily he has the recorder from the plan — to get it, though, he just needs from her everything that was on the white-haired man when he died. She hands over everything except a silver pocket watch/locket with her mom’s picture in it. Why was the white-haired man carrying that? He must have known her mother…in the biblical way, if you know what I’m saying!

Flashback: Japan. Aiden and Emily are in a fight, but he gets back on her good graces by inviting her to leave Japan with him to get his sister. That’s why he had to win that race earlier — so Takeda would let him go find her. Emily and Aiden make out. So apparently there’s some history here. But back to the present: We learn Aiden failed to find his sister, but that that’s not gonna stop Emily from finding her mom. He knows about her mom, though, telling her it’s not about finding her, it’s about what he finds about her when she does. Well, miss Emily’s not feeling any of this. She orders him to leave.

Poor Nolan is feeling really sad about not playing a major role in Emily’s life now that Aiden’s on the scene. Good thing it seems like he’ll have his CFO, Padma, at the ready. A love interest for Nolan, thank you, writers! OK, but seriously, I think Emily feels a little bad too, so she explains everything to him: The white-haired man is dead, his name was Gordon Murphy and he had some anti-psychotic pills on him (the same meds that our dearly departed Tyler used to take!). But Emily doesn’t think these pills were his — they think they were her mother’s, because she also found the locket on him. Nolan and Emily share a sweet moment where she promises to thank him for everything he’s done and he replies that finding her mother would be enough.

Amanda lies to Jack (what else is new), saying she’s going shopping for the baby but really going to the Graysons’ press conference. She gets there (Emily’s somehow wormed her way in as well, even though Victoria said she was banned) and gives the journal to Charlotte, warning her that some stuff in there about her mom isn’t pretty. Also, surprise, Declan gets caught, but he covers for his friend who was doing the robbing with him. The owner of the house lets him off easy as long as he returns the stuff, and Jack says he owes the dude a favor— do you think that will come back to haunt us somehow? In this sick world, it seems every action has a consequence.

Victoria is taking an interview on her sprawling patio when Charlotte bursts in (somebody must have read the journal!), wailing that she knows what her mom did to David Clarke. Meanwhile, Daniel’s onto all the scheming as well: A note for Victoria and her fake passport unexpectedly fell into his hands, and he starts to piece together that his mother was working with the initiative and planning to disappear. Obviously he isn’t very happy, and he calls a family conference where it’s hard to tell who’s telling the truth, what with so many lies flying across the room. He confides to Emily that he’s through with his lying, psychotic mother, but she advises him to play her game right back at her. Which he does later on…

Despite all this mess, Victoria soldiers on with her press conference (hey, appearances are everything), and gives a shout-out to her wondrously loyal family for sticking by her side: Charlotte — whom she now freely admits is she and David Clarke’s daughter — Conrad, Daniel…and AMANDA CLARKE! Who she’s ready to welcome into the family! Aw, sh—. Jack isn’t gonna be too happy to see this, he who wants nothing to do with the Graysons ever. And needless to say, he’s not: He tells Amanda he’ll still be there for the kid, but their relationship is ov-ah.

Daniel tells his mom he’s willing to put all this bad energy behind them, but is he lying? Of course! Who the hell is honest on this show? Anyways, Conrad sends a little jab to Victoria when the reporter from before talks up Conrad and Victoria’s upcoming nuptials — uhh, news to us as much as it is Victoria. But Victoria’s all like, Conrad, you’re so stupid, now we’re just deeper into this mess.

Aiden visits Emily on her porch and we’re privy to another flashback: The duo’s supposed escape that Aiden promised her earlier in the episode. Only when Emily shows up at midnight in the maze like they agreed upon, he’s already gone. Takeda’s there, and he reiterates the message again: “You must learn to close your heart.” She’s vulnerable just like her father was, he tells her. Poor girl. What will it take for her to trust Aiden again, now that it seems he wants to help her? He admits he sent over the passport that landed in Daniel’s lap. It sounds like he wants to be of help to her, but no amount of “I’m sorry”s are gonna help, it seems. He hands over the black box and leaves.

Inside, Emily listens to the voicemail she was able to snag off the white-haired man’s cell. IT’S HER MOTHER! The mom’s totally a part of this mess. She leaves a message saying that some guy pretending to be a cop showed up to the motel, and that she knows what to do: If she doesn’t hear from him in the next day or so she’ll shut off all the lights like they discussed. She also tells him she loves him! Eeeeeee! So we learned about two new love interests tonight. Hopefully next week Nolan will get a little lovin’ for himself. Til then!

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