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Rhode Island will have legal sports betting at casinos in December

Rhode Island legal sports betting gambling casinos

Rhode Island is getting its feet wet with legalized sports gambling.

The Boston Globe reported that the state’s casinos, Twin River Casino and Tiverton Casino Hotel, will launch legal sports gambling shortly after Thanksgiving.

Next month, Twin River is set to add a sports betting lounge with multi-screens showing the games, which will be dominated by the NBA and NFL seasons.

Gambling execs can’t wait.

“I see folks from Connecticut, from Massachusetts all coming. New Hampshire. Why not?” Mike Barlow, the vice president of operations for the Twin River Management Group overseeing the two casinos, told the Globe. “We’re the only game in town.” 

Although Rhode Island is excited as could be about introducing legalized sports gambling, the initial launch will have the state proceeding with caution, as bettors won’t be allowed to wager remotely via their smartphones or computers. That will likely change next year, though. That, and the Boston Globe reported that both Twin River and Tiverton are not allowing people to make prop bets, so they won’t be able to wager on how many touchdowns Tom Brady throws against the New York Jets just yet.

Despite the relatively-limited options, Rhode Island sees legalized sports gambling as a promising projection for revenue growth. That feeling is only magnified by the Boston Globe citing a 2016 Rockefeller Institute of Government report, which pinpointed Rhode Island as having the largest amount of gambling revenue per adult out of any state.

“The facilities, both Twin River and Tiverton, are tremendous revenue generators in Rhode Island,” Gerald S. Aubin, Rhode Island lottery director, told the Globe. “We rely heavily on the revenue stream.”

He added about the introduction of legalized sports betting: “It gives us the opportunity to attract a new customer base, new demographics, which are essential for us to continue to grow.”

Rhode Island beginning with legalizing sports betting comes after the U.S. Supreme Court ruled in May to allow states to adopt sports betting, with New Jersey being an early success story with a booming $184 million wagered in sports in September alone. If you are in the state of New Jersey you can bet on sports right now by clicking the button below.

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