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Rich men dating app lets singles get away together

The company stresses on its site that escorts are not welcome.

Travel dating website MissTravel.com just released an app, available in iOs and through Google Play. In related news, travel dating is a thing.

MissTravelhas some similarities toTinder, letting you match with others nearby looking for a date (or, potentially, a hook up or a free meal).And, like Tinder, we’re assuming everyone on MissTravel lists “travel” as an interest.

So if you’re lonely in Europe, you can use it to meet other people looking for someone to hang out with. But the main reasonMissTravelexists is to lets you invite a stranger on a trip.

The website launched in 2012, and the company says since then it has connected over 500,000 members on 300,000 first date trips. If you’re one of those members and don’t want to pay for a stranger’s plane ticket, there’s also a feature to let you go dutch.

Once you’re on the site or app, choose “I have an extra ticket,” to invite someone as your guest; “I have my own ticket,” for splitting costs; or “Take me along,” for those seeking a sugar daddy — or, um, a companion who pays their way.

Woman can message anyone for free but men need to sign up for a one-, three- or six-month membership. The cost isn’t revealed until you sign up.

In a blog post on MissTravel.com about creating the optimal profile, the company suggests: “Ladies, bikini profile pictures are very popular on MissTravel. Your fabulous bod in a bikini shows others that you’re confident, and ready at a moment’s notice to be whisked away for a tropical holiday!”

We’ll just leave that there.

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