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Richard Sherman loses his mind, bashes Michael Crabtree

Few things annoy me more than a person who doesn’t know how to win with class. Exhibit A: Seattle cornerback Richard Sherman.

No question the All Pro corner is an elite player, but he really needs to learn some respect for the game.

Sherman broke up a pass from Colin Kaepernick to Michael Crabtree in the end zone, which was then intercepted by Malcolm Smith to end the game one kneel down later. But of course the nonstop trash talker Sherman couldn’t resist running over to Crabtree as he left the field, smacking him in the butt and jawing at him.

The referees threw a flag for a personal foul on Sherman, despite him begging for a personal foul after inciting Crabtree to give him a light shove.

Sherman followed up the win with a surreal interview with FOX’s Erin Andrews, where he shouted about Crabtree.

Undoubtedly the two traded trash talk throughout the game, like all players, but Sherman had a chance to be the bigger man and said no thanks. It’s hard to believe the guy went to Stanford.

Someone already defaced his Wikipedia page within minutes of the game ending (probably a 49ers fan), calling him a “piece of human garbage.”

Of course, it could be a gambler and not a San Francisco fan. Sherman’s pass breakup prevented the Seahawks from going ahead, thus blowing the four-point cover for Seattle, and it would’ve crossed the 40.5 over/under. That’s a double gambling blow to some people out there.

Anyway, the media will certainly have an endless quote machine leading up to Super Bowl XLVIII. Media Day will certainly be must-see TV.

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