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Riders fans cause watermelon shortage

Watermelons are the craze this week as city stores are ordering and re-ordering the popular Roughrider makeshift helmet.

A staple in Saskatchewan Roughrider territory, fans often hollow out the melons and reverse them on their heads as helmets and now the madness has hit city produce markets.

Jason Wiebe, manager of Chongo’s Produce Market, said fans have already raided the market last week for watermelons and they shipped more in specifically for Grey Cup weekend festivities.

“We’re ready for the rush. We expect to have a lot more people in looking for watermelons this weekend. I don’t think it’s weird at all, it’s all good,” Wiebe said of the unique demand.

“But I’m not a Riders fan at all,” he joked.

Safeway Canada spokesperson Betty Kellsy confirmed Calgary stores will have more watermelons in today even though it’s out of season.

“Usually we just have the smaller ones this time of year, but we ordered some in directly because of Rider fans. It’s just really fun and unique and we’re glad to be a part of it,” she said.

Rider fan Nathaniel Morrison said although he’s never donned a watermelon helmet before, he thinks he might carve one up for the Grey Cup.

“It’s a special occasion and since so many people will be wearing them, I would stand out if I don’t,” he said.

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