Riders happy for a free ride – Metro US

Riders happy for a free ride

Two-thirds of OC Transpo’s normal weekday service rolled out fairly smoothly yesterday morning.

Bus operator Shawn Emery said he was expecting more passengers and was bracing for some rude comments from angry riders, but neither fully materialized.

He said most of the people getting on his bus yesterday morning were just happy to see the buses rolling again and even non-transit users were waving as they passed.

“We got the odd person that would give us the finger, but even on the best of days we can’t please everyone,” he said. “I think people were probably a little scared. Maybe they weren’t sure what buses were coming back, so they were taking their own vehicles until all the expresses come back.”

Another operator, Daniel Tremblay, said it would take some time for people to regain confidence in the system and people are still not fully up to speed with how the system is coming back.

“A lot of people are still not aware that it’s free service until Sunday. No one tried to put tickets or money, but a lot of people are showing their passes,” he said.

Getting back on the bus for the first time in nearly two months, Doug Sherman said the strike has convinced him that he needs to buy a car.

“I was really inconvenienced by the strike,” he said. “I will get a car in the next month. I don’t want to be put in that position ever again.”