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Riders prefer LRT option

As city staff prepare to unveil its recommendation for a Downtown Rapid Transit Network tomorrow, many commuters said yesterday they prefer the option that includes light rail transit running in all directions.
Lola Davis thinks light rail should eventually phase out buses, at least in the core, and threw her support behind Option 4: A proposal for a downtown subway and light rail that runs east-west and north-south.
“Buses are OK for the outer edges of the town, but the downtown needs something more efficient, like light rail,” she said. “Traffic is bad enough as it is without more buses.”
Wayne Cordon agreed. “The city is only going to get bigger, and the only way we can allow it to reach its full potential is by looking as far ahead as possible, and that means (light) rail.”
Vanier’s James Long wants to see light rail run “all over, really.”
So does Nepean resident Fred Allin. “It would almost be like Toronto or Montreal,” he said. “We need it here badly because of the population growth and because the size of the city has tripled. It should have been done years ago.”
Of the four choices under review, it’s Option 4 — an LRT tunnel and twin-track electric LRT from Baseline to Blair, and from Greenboro to Bowesville Station — that’s expected to get the nod tomorrow.
But not all riders agree.
“For me, buses are easy,” said Jilda Mvita, who opts for the bus-only tunnel option.
Clayton Brewster wants to see a combination of buses and light rail.
“Buses stop more often than trains,” said Brewster. “And it would be less costly.”

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