Ripping a fresh trail – Metro US

Ripping a fresh trail

The Coastal Mountain Range just north of Squamish is some of the most breathtaking terrain anywhere in the world. Discovering this vast area with friends by snowmobile is always an epic adventure filled with amazing views and deep powder snow.

This past weekend, a few friends and I discovered a new area called High Falls, which lies up the Squamish Valley Road. Just driving into this area feels like you are miles away from the big city. After unloading our machines, we snaked up the steep logging roads and crossed several creeks over massive snow bridges before finding ourselves in a deep gorge with mountains all around — it was incredible.

Continuing on through the narrow gorge, it slowly opened up to reveal several huge bowls the size of Whistler/Blackcomb. There was also untouched one metre-deep powder snow in every direction. It was time to play!

Our sleds floated effortlessly through the powder as we guided them up and down the undulating hillsides. Every few seconds you and your sled would become fully engulfed in powder, which is the best feeling in the world.

After ripping around for hours, we found a nice open spot, shut off our machines and enjoyed a well-deserved lunch. The afternoon sun warmed our bodies as we fuelled up and enjoyed the spectacular scenery at nearly 2,000 metres (altitude).

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