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‘Rise of the Planet of the Apes’: Why does PETA like it so much?

It’s pretty safe to say that PETA doesn’t like a lot of things: Fur, KFC, McDonalds, women wearing seasonally appropriate clothes. But now, for some reason, there is something that PETA is protesting in favor of: The “Planet of the Apes” movie?

What’s made the outspoken animal-rights org so happy? As it turns out, it’s the CGI monkeys.

From the Hollywood Reporter:

[PETA gave the film’s director and award that] was announced earlier this week, just days after members of PETA showed up at the Apes’ premiere in Los Angeles, happily waving placards, “Real Apes Love CGI.”

…PETA is hopeful that the technological advancements in “Rise of the Planet of the Apes” will encourage other studios to stop using real animals as well.

“[Director] Rupert [Wyatt] explained that a big theme of this movie is humanity’s mistreatment and abuse of captive apes,” PETA said in a statement announcing the [award]. “Apes are the heroes of this film, and humans are the villains—and Rupert said he couldn’t imagine a worse way of undercutting that message than by using real apes in the movie’s production.”

(And here we thought it was just because they loved James Franco.)

But still, we have to agree with PETA for once! The CGI animals in the trailer for “Planet of the Apes” don’t look great, but they’re a million times less creepy than the other alternative, putting CGI faces on real-life animals.

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