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Rising comic Danny Bhoy sticks close to his roots

Most comics spend years performing, dreaming of the day they get booked on Letterman.

But for Scottish comic Danny Bhoy, his appearance last month on the Late Show with David Letterman came pretty much out of the blue.

“I’d been in the U.S. for months and haven’t worked, and couldn’t get even an opening slot anywhere,” says Bhoy, who released his new DVD, Danny Bhoy: Subject To Change, this week.

“And for some bizarre reason, suddenly I get booked on Letterman, which is like the Holy Grail for a lot of comics. Here, I haven’t done anything yet, and I’ve got the biggest gig in the U.S.”

Not that Bhoy is exactly unknown. In Canada, and countries like Australia and New Zealand, he’s a sought-after headliner with a decade of sold-out shows on his resumé. Despite that world-hopping, Bhoy says his comedy act stays pretty much the same no matter which country he is in.

He claims that Scottish audiences rarely take offense at his hilarious attacks on such local traditions as bagpipe music.

As successful as he’s been so far, Bhoy has no plans to follow in the footsteps of a lot of stand-up comics and become an actor.

“I don’t want to act,” he declares. I prefer doing what I do: Performing live. If I were to do my own show, it wouldn’t be me playing a part. I’d just be myself.”

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