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Rob Corddry talks explosions, sex, and ‘Childrens Hospital’ finale

Creator and star of comedy series 'Children's Hospital' dishes on the show and season finale. Creator and star of comedy series ‘Children’s Hospital’ dishes on the show and season finale. Credit: Getty Images

It’s almost time for the season finale of “Childrens Hospital,” Adult Swim’s comedy series that offers a heavy dose of satire on the oh-so-serious medial drama genre. The Emmy-award-winning show, which began as a web series on the WB.com, is actually a show-within-a-show. Actors play eccentric doctors and live out ridiculously comedic storylines — a far cry from the “dark and twisty” world of Meredith Grey. What can we expect from the finale? Or, more specifically, who is going to die and come back to life this time? Creator and star Rob Corddry dishes on the doctors.

Here’s what we know so far: the episode traces the doctors’ trip to Japan, and covers birth, death, sex, war and opera. You know, just some mundane stuff. Keeping with the show’s tradition of celebrity guest appearances (Jon Hamm has appeared in four different seasons) Jack McBrayer of “30 Rock” will guest star. How does Corddry attract these big names to a 15-minute show?

“I think we have a good reputation for being a fun show to work on,” Corddry says. “Which is the only reason we’re able to keep this all-star cast and also have the same crew for five years because, you know, nobody gets paid a lot and it doesn’t take a lot of time. And also, my philosophy in life is basically just do cool stuff with people who aren’t dicks.”

Well said. What is some of that “cool stuff?” For Corddry, it’s things like being able to have an episode about all about a ward of sick imaginary friends, or randomly shifting the whole setting to Japan.

“We thought, ‘Well, why don’t we just do something different like setting the show on an RV based in Japan?’ he says. “This is the only time in our career that we’ll have the freedom to do something this stupid.”

But no matter how far he stretches plots, Corddry swears he will never do a musical episode. (Note: He swore the web series would never turn into a television show.)

“Every year somebody is like, ‘you really have to do a musical episode,’ and over my dead body that will happen,” he says. “It’s just too on-the-nose. I think after the first or second season we stopped drawing from that specific [medical] genre and just started using TV as our parody in general. Most of the jokes are about kind of messing with television conventions that the casual viewer will also understand.”

The season finale will be a double-length episode, which was particularly challenging for Corddry.

“With this episode in particular, we were writing right up until the minute it was shooting downstairs, and sometimes even during, because, you know, we got cocky after last season,” Corddry says. “We won an Emmy. It’s sort of like, ‘Oh, we got this.’ We can throw these three episodes away and just write some more as we go.”

Corddry assures us they will be writing more. “We’re going to wait until the beginning of next summer or spring to start writing,” he says. “I think if we cranked another one out right now we’ll be tapped. So we’re going to wait a little bit and get excited to do it again.”

According the Corddry, the finale boils down to two things: “Explosions and sex.” Tune in at midnight on Friday.