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Robert Kraft, Linda McMahon cabinet choices for Donald Trump?

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Donald Trump’s allies are coming out of the woodwork, and many of them have ties to the sports and entertainment world.

After the much ballyhooed half-assed Presidential endorsements by Bill Belichick and Tom Brady last week, Patriots owner Robert Kraft decided to go straight to the source post-election. Kraft was seen entering Trump Tower in New York City Wednesday afternoon – presumably for a meeting with his old pal.

Certainly Trump wouldn’t be considering a cabinet position for Kraft would he be? Kraft is 75-years-old and hasn’t been involved in politics since his 20s when he was the chairman of the Newton Democratic City Committee. Kraft also considered running for state rep in the 1970s.

But, as we all know now, we’re in a strange new political worldwith Trump as president. Things like experience and age are no longer real factors.

Kraft would actually be an interesting candidate for Secretary of Commerce, given his business background, and he wouldn’t even be the craziest candidate that’s already been mentioned for the position.

Linda McMahon, the wife of pro wrestling promoter Vince McMahon, is a leading candidate for the role. McMahon ran for Senate in Connecticut in 2010 and 2012 but lost both times. McMahon was present at Trump headquarters at the New York Hilton Midtown Hotel in the early hours of last Wednesday when Trump won the U.S. Presidency.

McMahon seemed very open to joining the Trump administration in a recent interview with WFSB in Connecticut.

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