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Robert Pattinson fat-shames himself

Poor Robert Pattinson, worrying about his figure. The former “Twilight” star admits that as he inches toward 30, he’s finding it trickier to stay in shape — and harder to hide that fact from prying eyes. “It used to be that I could start working out four weeks before a job and it would be totally fine. Now? Nothing happens,” he laments to the Times.

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“What the f— is going on? I had to go on holiday to an extravagant secret location this year because I was afraid of someone photographing my gut.” Man, I hear ya. Except for the extravagant secret locations part. And the going on vacation part. But other than that, totes simpatico.

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Also, Pattinson wants it to be known that there is at least one good part about global stardom: “I’m so glad about the vanity required in this job, because if I didn’t have to stay in shape I’d be such a fat-ass,” he admits. The honesty is refreshing, honestly.

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