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Robert Pattinson gets cozy with Katy Perry after broken engagement

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Robert Pattinson — he of the very chiseled chin bones — recently split from fiancee FKA Twigs (real name, Tahliah Barnett). And now, he appears to be taking a sort of creature comfort in his long time friend, Katy Perry. Which leaves just one question: But why?

Let’s back up a sec. After three years of dating Pattinson, 31, and Twigs, 29, called it quits. And apparently, the “Good Time” star initiated the break up. “Their travel schedules took a big toll on the relationship,” a source explains to E! News. “Robert is the one who ended it.”

Makes sense. Everyone gave Pattinson the side eye when he told Howard Stern, of all people, that he was still “kind of” engaged. Nobody admits to being “kind of” engaged and doesn’t break up with said person shortly after, you know?

Anyway, now that their relationship is over, Pattinson has been leaning on his good friend Katy Perry. How these two are friends is really just a mystery, frankly. “Rob has been leaning a lot on Katy since his split with FKA Twigs,” another source shares with the outlet. “Kate has always been a good friend to Rob over the years and has been there for him emotionally.” Mmkay!

Hopefully these two people that we don’t know and or have any personal investment in won’t get together. But if they do, I mean, that’s also fine. Do you, y’all!