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Robin Thicke will sex U up, make no mistake about that

Sometimes, when I remember that Robin Thicke’s dad is Alan Thicke, I laugh a lot because, oh man, what would Dr. Seaver say? Dude used to blow a lid when Mike stayed up past 9 p.m. eating ice cream and here’s Robin mouth-sexing a chocolate cone while eye-sexing half-naked models in the video for “Blurred Lines.”

Good thing, then, that Robin’s real life isn’t anything like an episode of “Growing Pains,” because I’m pretty sure Papa Seaver might actually have a heart attack when he caught wind of Robin’s new song which, if possible, is even more inappropriate than its predecessor.

The new joint “Give it 2 U” (‘cause not spelling out full words is hella sexy, as everybody knows) features a guest spot by BET Awards-sweeper Kendrick Lamar and is about, uh, well Thicke giving it 2 U. It being his big, thick, throbbing…heart. (He’s going 2 give U his man-parts, is what I’m not so gracefully insinuating — and neither is he — here.)

And here’s the thing. Despite being almost obnoxiously sexual (is that even a thing? Robin Thicke might have made it a thing) it’s sort of a totally catchy (in a horrible dub-steppy kind of way) jam. It’ll get stuck in your head, much like Thicke plans to stick his…never mind.

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