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Robin Write re-cancels engagement

Robin Write re-cancels engagement
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I’m starting to have trouble keeping up with this one. So: In January 2014, “House of Cards” star Robin Wright and boyfriend Ben Foster announced they were engaged, but come November 2014 they’d called it off. But then in January of this year they were back together, with plans to tie the knot back on and everything, reuniting publicly on the Golden Globes red carpet. Good times!

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Well, apparently it didn’t stick, as E! News reports that they’ve broken up and called off the wedding plans yet again. And apparently this time they’ve been keeping quiet about it, as the split reportedly happened a couple of months ago.

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OK, so who wants to start taking bets about when they’ll be back together? I’m going to go with in time for the Emmys next month. But then I’m a hopeless romantic.

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