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Robyn continues the path of an unlikely club queen

In the music biz, five years is an awful long time to wait for a new record. But unlike most artists that tend to lose fans over such an extended period, Swedish pop star Robyn has amassed a fan base that just kept on growing after releasing her career-rejuvenating fourth album back in 2005.

So, it’s good news for her fan base then that she will have three albums out by the end of 2010. But the way Robyn describes it, she made the choice as much for herself as she did for us.

“I was trying to find a new way to record and tour at the same time,” she explains. “I was really excited to tour the last album as long as I did, but at the same time it’s been four and a half years since the last album and two of those years I was touring. For me, it was nice to not have to conform to the calendar of the music industry and do it in a way that makes sense to me.”

Body Talk, Robyn says, is “a combination of words taken from a club my friend runs in London. I liked what it made me think about. The album is inspired by club culture, dance music, technology and communication, so I guess it means all of that in some kind of way.”

The first of the trilogy, Body Talk Pt. 1 continues her self-titled album’s perfect amalgam of bubblegum pop and club music. From the chillaxed thump of the Diplo-produced Dancehall Queen to the undulating crescendo of Dancing On My Own, Robyn’s emotionally driven steez hits you like the warm glow of slow-mo strobe lighting.

Although they aren’t quite done yet, Parts 2 and 3 (subtitled Speak Your Body) will have their own uniqueness but won’t stray far from the first Body Talk.

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