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Rocktagon a party for the senses

Rock-on, Calgary Stampede visitors.

Young and old alike will enjoy the new Bell Getaway in the Big Four with a 360 degree sound system cool dancers and all the latest in technology according to officials.

The busy centre looks much like a night club according to Nicole Smith, who brought her three kids to check out the fun.

“It reminds me of a nightclub and I love the circular video screens and the sound. Plus obviously my kids get a kick out of it,” Smith said while her kids danced around on the floor.

Showing every 30 minutes the Rocktagon is also an inspiration to aspiring dancers like 12-year-old Tyler Matheson.

“I like watching the break-dancers and they let me up with them to show my moves and learn some new ones too,” Matheson said.

Kids can enjoy Nintendo Wii and parents can enjoy the break plus it’s the only one of its kind in North America, Marise Auffray of the Calgary Stampede said.

“It’s just massive sound and the lighting is incredible. There’s nothing else like it on the park,” she added.

The dance crew street sessions and the Groovaloos will also perform daily at various times.

Also new to the Bell Getaway is the opportunity for visitors to create their own cowboy slogans on T-shirts from The Rocket, and guests can also customize their own tattoos.

Mandy Locker said she plans on creating a T-shirt that incorporates modern cowgirls and deejays.

“I love music and just want a sexy girl playing some records,” she said.

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