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‘Roller Disco’ delivers the laughts

In 1976, The Trammps sang “disco is where the happy people go.” What brought them to the discos, and continues to bring people of all ages to their dancing feet, is the music.

So it shouldn’t be a stretch to think that “Roller Disco,” an unauthorized parody of the film “Roller Boogie,” might include some roller boogying to “Boogie Wonderland” or “We Got the Power.” But it doesn’t. The music doesn’t even earn a place in the show’s program.

But if you can get past the disappointment of only hearing classic disco pre- and post-show and during intermission, everything else about the kitschy parody plays like a funny, sappy love note to the 1970s.

The humor is sharp, the jokes plentiful and the timing of this talented ensemble is impeccable. Solid vocals, well-executed choreography and the obvious fact that the cast is having a great time make this show delightful.

And they’re doing it all on roller skates without a hint of a misstep or a wardrobe malfunction (which is pretty impressive given their skimpy, perfectly ’70s costumes).

Much of the fun of “Roller Disco” is its cheeky referential humor and not-so-subtle nods to fads and fashions of the day. The black, wet-look trenchcoat worn by the show’s requisite mobster is itself worth the price of admission. There’s also a riotous chase scene and enough sexual ambiguity to fill a roller rink.

Jacqui Grilli is superb in the lead role of Debbie Sinclair, the rich girl who only wants to skate. Marissa Rae Roberts is equally impressive as her “hot and dumb” BFF Donna.

If only “Disco Inferno” were playing from the boomboxes.

The plot

It’s 1979, and the kids from both sides of the track in Los Angeles just want to skate. Unfortunately, an evil real estate tycoon has other plans that not only stand between them and their “Roller Disco,” but could also ruin the budding romance of Johnny and Debbie.

If you go

‘Roller Disco

Through Aug. 30

Oberon, 2 Arrow St., Cambridge

$25-$45, 866-811-4111