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Roman style

Practising her hail Caesar is Gojo Canada director of sales Klara Kozak.

Accumark Communications partner David Peres and Boom! marketing account director Linsey Ferguson share a laugh with their Roman countrymen.

Warner Brother’s product manager Mary Kazis gets her Roman honour guard ready.

True Roman patriots Metro readers Leone Singh, left, and John Huculiak fight to the death.

Roman servants Melissa Areias, left, and Mary-Kate Rose bring senior product manager Larry Zolob to the feasting table.

Roman servants, from left, Laura Azahar, Jessie Behan and Breton Roy greet the loyal Roman crowd.

Newly christened Roman citizens Metro readers Lindsay Leo and David Lin.

Roman warrior wannabes Ray Yee and Jess Watt.

Serving the crowd of thirsty warriors are bar staff, from left, Katherine Parkin, Dennis Araya and Carla Ottens.

Artist Dan Anaka brings a Roman goddess to life.

Boom! Marketing account manager Lore Simpson shows who is the true Roman goddess.

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