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Ronaldinho Gaúcho: I think Barça is going strong

Ronaldinho Gaúcho: I think Barça is going strong

When the year was just starting, Ronaldo de Assis Moreira’s official announcement of his retirement from the fields was made, a news that saddened the worldwide lovers of soccer and that awoke in us the best memories of his passage through the various fields around the world. Well now, when the Brazilian accompanies Heineken’s Trophy Tour and the UEFA Champions League, taking ‘Big Ears’ to different parts of the world, he has become a reference and an authoritative voice to talk about soccer from his particular and unique vision.


Q: How do you see this edition of the Champions League?

– I see it doing very well, it’s a very beautiful competition, everybody likes to watch the Champions League and now it’s at its most beautiful moment. All the teams that have come out being the best of their groups are looking to qualify. I think Barça is going strong.


Q: What about Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo’s head-to-head fight?

– It is a healthy fight, which is good for soccer, because they are two players who are always there to define who will win the Golden Ball, to see who will be the best in the world. So, it’s a fight that is good for soccer and all those who love this sport.


Q: Is it the world cup that Lionel Messi is looking forward so much?

– He is in one of the best national teams in the world, if you look at them individually they are all great players. Team wise things have not done so well, but if you look at the individual quality of each player, it is one of the best teams in the world. But you have to respect them and Messi is going to be the best again.


Q: What do you expect from the Russia 2018 World Cup?

– There are great teams, with a lot of quality, with great players, but I see Brazil doing very well, going through a very good moment and getting very strong too.


Q: What do you think about Neymar’s decision to leave Barcelona to play at Paris Saint-Germain?

– I’ve seen him doing very well, he’s making history with his new club, and it’s a club where I’ve played. It gives me joy to see a Brazilian making history at Paris Saint-Germain.


Q: Will the injury suffered by Ney greatly affect Brazil?

– Injuries are never welcome, but I think that in this case it will be good because it will give him time to prepare well to reach the World Cup in great condition. The life of a player is to live match to match, day by day and I think nobody is thinking yet about the World Cup, they are watching the Champions League, the end of the leagues that are to come, and I think players should think like this.


Q: What has been the most difficult thing of being Ronaldinho?

– I have not had any difficulties, I just have to thank God for giving me the opportunity to fulfill all my dreams… I have a healthy son, a healthy family. I am an accomplished man.


Q: Now since announcing your retirement, will you continue to be linked to soccer as a coach or manager?

– No, it’s not for me. [*Laughs*] That’s not for me. I’m going to make music, I’m going to do my second passion. Enjoy time with my friends. But I do not see myself as a coach, working with soccer… I do not see myself like that.