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Royal wedding mania and a runaway tractor

1. Wedding of the Century

Up to two billion people are expected to tune in for Will & Kate’s Big Day on April 29, making this the most watched TV event in history — not to mention one of the biggest social media days. So if you’re not into the royal wedding, you might want to find a cabin deep in the woods and be a Luddite for a day.

2. Charlie Sheen Tour

His roller-coaster jeers/cheers Violent Torpedo Of Truth tour hit Toronto last night and tonight. The big question remains: Are Charlie’s showgoers and his 3.5 million-plus followers on Twitter merely enablers to his mental issues and addictions he is battling. Dr. Drew Pinsky, who has said, “I’m frightened for the guy,” might agree.

3. Hockey Fever

Political parties moved the date of the French language debate to Wednesday from Thursday to avoid conflicting with a Montreal Canadiens playoff game against their arch-rival Boston Bruins. This may be an (other) important election, but you don’t want to compete with hockey-mad viewers.

4. Bronx Zoo

Its World of Reptiles exhibit will now be quite the tourist attraction after its Egyptian cobra escaped and someone created a hilarious Twitter account (with 241,000 followers and counting), tweeting its time on the run, er, slither. The snake was eventually found and the zoo held a “submit a name” promotion for the world famous cobra. The winner after 60,000 votes were cast? Mia.

5. Piers Morgan

Larry who? Some questioned the choice to replace the iconic Larry King with Piers Morgan, who was best known as being a judge on America’s Got Talent. But Morgan now hosts the most watched news program on CNN — Piers Morgan Tonight — and has become must-watch TV for his hardball-with-a-cheeky-grin questions.

6. John Deere, Meet Wal-Mart

A passerby happened to catch a driverless John Deere tractor’s destructive run around a Wal-Mart parking lot in Richmond Hill, Ont. And he began filming. As someone says during the video taping, “Put ’em on YouTube!!” Well, the filmer did just that and has gone viral, with nearly 400,000 views.

7. @mondoville on Twitter

It’s like Canada’s version of Gawker.com or Anderson Cooper’s “Keeping Them Honest” segments, but in tweets. This “handmade social media news stream” has no sacred cows, and is not afraid to challenge the Canadian media/entertainment/biz/tech industry, or ask for more transparency. Refreshing.

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