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Royal Wedding: Thoughts from around the Metro world

We asked Metro readers across the world what they think of the upcoming royal wedding. The Metro Life Panel has high hopes for the marriage of Kate Middleton and Prince William.

Happily ever after or finished within a year? Two children, three or five? The Metro Life Panel survey asked Metro readers from across the globe about what they expected from Prince William’s marriage to Kate Middleton and how they will be celebrating.

Three-quarters of the surprisingly romantic Danes say the marriage will last happily ever after, a reflection of the hopes of the 63 percent of them who say they have been married themselves.
Mexicans are less optimistic, with just 45 percent expecting a fairy-tale ending.

Three-quarters of Metro readers would never consider flying to London for the wedding, but many will be watching it on TV. The Dutch top the field as royal enthusiasts, as half of them say they will be watching the wedding ceremony closely on television. A whopping 91 percent of Metro readers who plan to watch the wedding will be at home. All the Greeks surveyed say they will be watching at home with friends and family, while Americans are the most likely to travel to someone else’s home.

A quarter of Greeks say the royal couple should take no honeymoon at all, in sympathy with recession-stricken Britons.

Italians are the most likely to travel to London for the big day, standing in contrast to the Swedes, 16 percent of whom say they have never heard of William and Kate. While most Metro readers think the newlyweds will add two new branches to the Windsor family tree, Chileans are the most likely to expect the couple to produce five or more children.

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