Royalty never had it so good – Metro US

Royalty never had it so good

Duchess Bake Shop

  • 10720 124 Street
  • 780-488-4999
  • Rating: *****
  • Price range: Low

I don’t have space to mention every delectable detail of my visit to Duchess Bake Shop. Sure, I enjoyed the turkey and havarti on a light, buttery croissant with its pleasant pesto spread and the chill cream within the dark sweetness of my eclair. As wondrous as those morsels were, it would be wrong to hold out on the two finest treats at the little year-old patisserie on 124 Street.

At $1.50 each, the macarons were sinfully sweet tiny sandwiches in a range of intriguing and delightful flavours. My favourites included the caramel and passionfruit, but sample them all and decide for yourself! Despite the exquisite array, the taste that lingered longest on my palate was the sweet, chewy honey and chocolate topping of Grandmere’s Florentines.

With a nearly Victorian style, the shop feels like a slice from another time. I can foresee the Duchess remaining in power for years to come.