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Rudy Giuliani critiques current presidential lineup

Rudy Giuliani
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He was one of the Republican candidates during the last presidential race, but to the great relief of his opponents, abandoned his aspirations to reach the White House. Today, the former mayor of New York City, Rudolph Giuliani stands out as a commentator on the television network Fox and runs a consulting business. Here he shares his views on the current presidential race.

What for you would be the best combination of candidates for the presidency?

“I think they could all be good. Months ago you were able to say, ‘Hillary [Clinton], of course’, for the Democrats. But now, I’m not sure, after [Bernie] Sanders ‘hit hard’ in New Hampshire. He was more lively in the debate, more direct. I disagree with him.

I am a Republican conservative and he is a socialist. I disagree with him, but he raised his points very, very well. Emotionally, he was more lively than her. You can really see he believes in what he wants to do and she looks like she is saying what she has to say to try to capture attention. She goes after what he says. If he says ‘I will cut taxes by 60 percent’, she says ‘we will reduce them by 70 percent’. She is chasing him. He has been a great surprise, as [Donald] Trump has been a great surprise too.

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But with the Republicans it is much more complicated because [Jeb] Bush still has a chance, he was not successful in the first two primaries. But, on the other hand, he has money. The next primary will be in a state, South Carolina, where the Bush family is extremely popular.

It is one of the states where George W. Bush also has a presence. It is a state where there is much support for the military and the Bush family is supported by the military community. South Carolina will be very interesting, you’ll have Trump, who is currently leading, you’ll have Bush with a helping brother, you’ll have [Ted] Cruz, who has the vote of the right wing, [Marco] Rubio, who is extremely intelligent and [John] Kasich, who finished second in New Hampshire — not sure where he came from. But you have five possibilities. The possibilities change all the time. Before Iowa, Trump was the favorite, he then came out second and then fell. Cruz gained popularity. After Trump won in New Hampshire, he became the favorite again. Now we have to see what happens in South Carolina.”

Is the United States prepared to have a woman as president?

“The United States is prepared for whomever is the best to become president. The United States elected a black president, in a country that 20 or 30 years ago could not have done so. The civil rights movement made it possible for African Americans to achieve major positions in the United States. It is a matter of time. But we cannot have a woman, just to have a woman president. We need to have the best president. If the woman is the best, a woman shall be president. If a man is the best, it will be a man.”

By Karixia Ortiz Serrano

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