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Runaway MBTA train operator fired, sources say

About 50 passengers were aboard the so-called "ghost train."
Michael Day/Flickr

Following a suspension and investigation, the operator of a runaway MBTA train has reportedly lost his job.

CBS Boston reports that MBTA employee David Vazquez “was officially fired when paperwork was completed and mailed on Wednesday.” Vazquez, a 51-year-old who had worked with the MBTA for more than 25 years, was initially suspended while officials began an investigation into just what went wrong last Thursday.

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In that incident, a train carrying about 50 passengers traveled north from Braintree Station before stopping past North Quincy station without a driver, explainedTransportation Secretary Stephanie Pollack.

In response to the incident, experts weighedin onpossible solutions to avoid similar incidents, including advocating for automating train operations.

Pollack called the so-called “ghost train” incident an “unacceptable breach” of the T’s safety mandate.

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