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Rural Jodhpur is the right way to kick off an Indian adventure

Jodhpur is in the centre of Rajasthan, a rural mountainous desert state located in the northeast of India.

Easy to reach, tourist-friendly, and with a range of decent to good hotels, Jodhpur is the perfect jumping off point to the rest of Rajasthan.


Mehrangarh Fort
Explore Period Rooms and an Armory with ancient inlaid sword in the fort’s world-class museum before heading out to the battlements overlooking the city. A spill of old square houses whitewashed a faded blue abuts the sheer cliff, above which stands the tall orange grey walls of the Mehrangarh Fort. This is Jodhpur, a city that is a thing of searing beauty.


Rajasthani folk music
Rajasthani folk songs performed daily at the Fort, or come for a five-day Rajasthan International Folk Festival with more than 150 local and international performing artists. It starts Oct. 21. (jodhpurfolkfestival.org)


Kachouri are small, deep fried dumplings with a spicy bean filling, served with a side of sweet and tangy chutney. With the arid environment here, the local ethnic cuisine uses little water, substituting milk and ghee (clarified butter), making for some thick eating.


Nimbu Pani
Nimbu Pani (Lime water) is best when made with fresh squeezed limes. Avoid the Sweet and Salty variety if you don’t like the sulfur taste of rock salt and ask for Fresh Lime Soda if you like bubbles.

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