Rutgers professor found guilty of raping disabled patient – Metro US

Rutgers professor found guilty of raping disabled patient

Rutgers professor found guilty of raping disabled patient

A Rutgers University professor has been found guilty of raping a man with cerebral-palsy after claiming the victim, who is unable to speak and wears incontinence pads, gave his consent.

Dr. Anna Stubblefield treated the victim, known as DJ, and calimed to have communicated with him using a controversial technique called “facilitated communication.”

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“Stubblefield has argued that the technique allows disabled people to type on a keyboard with the help of a facilitator, but the approach has been compared to using a Ouija board and called invalid by the American Psychological Association and the International Society for Augmentative and Alternative Communication.” Slate reported.

Stubblefield claims that the sexual relationship was consensual and that DJ shared her romantic feelings.

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“As I told you on the first day of this trial, it was not a rape or sexual assault,” Stubblefield’s lawyer reportedly told the court. “Everyone agrees he [DJ] has substantial physical disabilities…. All evidence shows a mutually loving relationship and they made conscious decisions before going ahead.”

But the prosecution retorted, “If she loved DJ the way she’s professed she did, she would not have acted the way she did. She put a person with cerebral palsy on an exercise mat on a dirty carpet. That’s love? The way a person feels about someone they abuse or rape, has nothing to do with it.”

Stubblefield faces up to 40 years in prison, The Mirror reported.

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